Faith in Pictures
Hikers at the top of Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, AZ.
Cactus, Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, AZ.
Kevin standing at the top, Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, AZ.
The Fereti brothers, take 2. Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, AZ.
The Fereti brothers at Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, AZ.
What Pachi Tamer was thinking

I came across Pachi Tamer one morning in Marfa after being out hunting for pictures in the early light. He had a box of lights, which I never actually asked about. I took his portrait. Here’s what he was thinking:

Since my daughter was born in 2009 we have been making music videos together. That Sunday was the day of the last episode of the AMC series “Breaking Bad”, and we traveled to Marfa from Austin the day before just to get the right landscape for our video. I’ve been planning this for like a month, buying all the props and hand sewing my daughters’ coverall myself. I’ve rented a tent at “El Cosmico” just like the ones they used in the series to stay for a night and for our interior shoot. The Saturday before I had everything ready. I had to pick up Elena at 9.30 AM and leave her the next day, on Sunday at 6 PM, two hours before the last episode airs. It was an ambitious plan. Pick her up, drive 7 hours to Marfa, shoot the interior part of the video inside the tent, spend the night, leave Marfa early morning and shoot the exterior part beside the road, in our way back to Austin to be on time at 6 PM. I was flying to Argentina on Monday for 20 days and I wanted to release the video at the same time of the last episode, so I took my chances and we left. We arrive to Marfa that night, I put Elena in bed and set up everything inside the tent for the interior shoot. Once everything was ready, we played mixing gatorade in our yellow suits for like 15 minutes and we went to bed. The next morning when I woke it was a beautiful sunny day. While she was still sleeping I was carrying everything back to the car, when I came across this guy, with a patch on his eye and an old large format camera. To my surprise, he asked me for a portrait. I’m a portrait photographer myself and that was a very special moment for me, so I was thrilled with the idea. After the picture and a brief conversation I woke Elena up and we left. As planned, we shot the last part beside the road, outside of Marfa and we arrive at my place at 5 PM. We took a bath, I dropped her off at 6 PM, came back home, and finished editing the video in two hours, just in time for the last episode of our favorite TV show.

You can find Pachi and Elena’s videos here.

You can also find Pachi’s One Dollar Dreams project here.

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